AFUK – The Academy for Untamed Creativity – is an untraditional training and community work environment concentrating on commitment, play, mindfulness and lots of life. Our basic idea is to allow each individual to evolve in a community devoid of preconceived notions. Amateurs and professionals work side by side with such different activities as new circus, performance, theatre, writing, visual arts, design, cooking and the noble art of making a beautiful life for oneself

AFUK is a philosophical forum with a clear focus on creative processes. It aims to develop training activities that will both challenge and stimulate the participants in their search for creative expressions and the sheer art of living. AFUK embraces a number of different training centres and artistic associations.

AFUK has widespread cooperation with a series of institutions and companies, such as The KaosPilots, The Circus Pilots, The National Circus School of Kyyiv, Change the Game, and various event planners.

Why Untamed? Why Academy??
– Untamed
because wild animals find their own feed unlike the tame ones who wait patiently to be served.
– Academy
from the Greek word akademeia: “The garden or gymnasium where philosophers, artists and athletes meet to exchange ideas and movements.”.